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The third installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy starts eight years after The Dark Knight ends, while Batman is still struggling with the defeat he suffered at the hands of the Joker. Early on in The Dark Knight Rises, it is made clear that Bruce Wayne, the hero whom is better known as Batman, has hung up his cape and turned into a recluse. At a social event at the Wayne mansion, Gotham’s mayor, city commissioner, police chief, and other high profile officials are all seen remembering the anniversary of the death of the false hero Harvey Dent. As they pay tribute to Dent, they discuss how much Gotham’s crime problem has improved. They mention Gotham’s crime rates are at a record low, that the Batman is still being hunted for Dent’s murder, and that the Batman and Bruce Wayne have not been spotted in public for months. However, they see the Batman’s absence as a good thing. They all attribute the success of Gotham’s police force to the wave of action Dent’s death …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the third installment of christopher nolan's batman trilogy starts eight years after the dark knight ends, while batman is still struggling with the defeat he suffered at the hands of the joker.
  • Analyzes how bruce wayne's reclusion is a temporary stage where he must decide whether to be consumed by his thoughts or to find new ways to keep living his life.
  • Explains that they began their tarot reading by asking, will bruce wayne succeed in his new journey and be able to move on from his life as the batman?
  • Analyzes how they interpreted the mourning and insecurity cards to reference two of the things that led to batman's reclusion.

Bruce Wayne has many problems at the start of this film. His only love interest, Rachel, has been dead for years, yet he hasn’t been with another woman. His body is failing him, as is shown by the cane he has to use to walk around his own home. And for all he achieved, he has not gotten a shed of recognition for his actions. Bruce is struggling at a personal level at this point, and his reclusion is his way of avoiding the personal problems that are plaguing his life. At this point in the story his situation mostly resembles that of The Great Bear. Like the body in the crypt shown on this card Bruce “has been laid to rest, covered by earth and stone, and now waits to be reborn” (Ryan, Mark). Bruce’s reclusion is a temporary stage where he

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