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Learning Autobiography
I have always believed my self to be an excellent student. I have always completed assignments on time, and always studied rigorously. I always considered my self extraordinarily bright. My ego was amidst the clouds due to my scholastic success. Last semester was a wake up call. I thought I would do exceptionally well like always in high school, but I was sadly mistaken. Last semester was my transition semester. I can now say that last semester has by far been the hardest and most challenging semester of my life, and I just barley survived. I just narrowly passed my math and science classes, but upon a tremendous amount of reflection over the Christmas break of my academic challenges and achievements I know what I did wrong, and now know how to fix my mistakes, and I am now in the current phase of bettering myself as a student.
Everyone has subjects that are harder for them to excel in than others. It is not impossible to excel in these aforementioned subjects, but is takes a lot more patience and work to do so. I struggle in every subject that is math or science related. I have a very deep passion for literature. I love to read and write so naturally I enjoy and excel in literature and history classes that involve a lot of reading and writing. Growing up I read a variety of books including history books, so I grew accustomed to a certain type of learning. I grew accustomed to just reading facts and memorizing them, for that reason I have an exceptional memory. Growing up throughout school I realized that I excelled in history and literature, and when ever the season of class registration arrived I always compacted my future schedule with history and literature classes along with the minimum requiremen...

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...nt in time I am deeply ashamed and distraught about who I was as a student last semester. I am uncertain about the effectiveness of my study habits at this point in time, but I can clearly say that last semester's study habits were quite ineffective. In high school my habits where quite effective but not here at the University of Texas. I am trying to find a new method this semester, and am currently working on formulating a new method. One that actually works, for now I just have been working hard to complete my daily task and studying rigorously for all my classes. I have never had any formal instruction on how to be a strategic student, which leads me to lack confidence in my abilities. Most of my current methods I have developed on my own. I am hoping this class can help me develop the necessary skills to become a great student so I can excel in all my classes.
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