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A) Step-1: Customer place order for purchase product. Customer find their products from seller website and select products for purchase .After selecting the product ,Customer submit all the related information like name ,address, e -mail id ,contact number and selected products to the seller site.
B) Step-2: Submission Customer bank details to seller. Seller creates a Unique PURCHASE ID and sends it to the Customer Mobile number by SMS or in e-mail id. Customer send details about his/her name of transaction bank, branch code to the seller. Then seller forwards those customer details to their own bank .Also seller send request to their bank for conduct the transaction between customer and seller. PURCHASE ID: This is a unique ID for each transaction. PURCHASE ID is created when customer buy product from seller. PURCHASE ID contains five parts. PURCHASE ID format is given below.
Date. dd/mm/yy Time. hh:mm:ss Item id. Model no. Serial no.

Example: 03/05/13.07:30:05.mob.N6363.1110231
C) Step3: Submission of information to customer bank and searching for customer account no. Cust...
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