Sales And Sales Return System Case Study

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According to the specific scenario of Karla Kay plc, the following three sections of report will explain the new sales and sales return system, identity the principal risks and the methods to address those risks, describe the external auditors’ work in the system. The objective of investing the new information system is eliminate the risks of errors and fraud, then the cost of external audit will decrease in the next year.
The new sales system & sales return
Begin with the description of main steps, there are four processes: the receipt of order, the despatch of goods, the recording of the sale and subsequent receipt of payment.

The receipt of orders from KK 's customers:
The system according to the standard has been
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After customers submit their orders, they need pay it first, because goods cannot be despatched without payment. In the case the customers who permitted to pay by credit,
The principal risks
The new management accounting system uses a computer, and the computer system is a multi-machine network operation, which exists, hackers through illegal means to enter the system, steal the stored information. And if some people have a password system, you can also enter the system, modify, and delete data. The actual data or by the operating system input, due to the possible presence of human operator error, the operator may be present operational errors, leading to discrepancies in data entry and the actual data(Sridharan, 2007)
Due to the external auditing based on the internal audit information that can reduce the detailed testing and external auditors are short-staffed, they have limited authority to look up every data and time limit on discover the errors and fraud.
If company faced workforce shortages in a special period, it will occurred some temporary workers who disappear in final. Given the company 's past experience, there may be some people for personal gain, with unauthorized modification of the original data, fraud to obtain
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Firstly, external auditors need inquiry the tone of the top, because it can affect the culture, ethical behaviors and management of company, and also have an influence on completing expected value and internal budget. The auditors and the company negotiated the audit objectives, including the focus of audit content. The company authorized to audit staff, through a dedicated data port on the system to do real-time monitoring. We found the problem, real-time notification of the Board of Directors. Besides, auditors should estimating the significance and likelihood of occurrence of the risks that mentioned in the last part. Auditors can separately establish a risk control model based on the type of transaction and project data may exist for projects focusing on monitoring. As for the control activities, auditors should check the accuracy and completeness of transactions in information processing and comparing actual finance to budget. When data is present and anticipated significant differences, the company needs to inform the auditor investigation. During the planning phase, called by the auditors customers ' financial information, analyze the customer 's financial status, risk may exist to predict. Entry tickets for all of the company and the project should be documented, to ensure that all are kept in the company safe. For the number of items and bills, funds and stocks, the staff has

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