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Wycliffe Hall is an evangelical centre of theological teaching, preparing mainly mature students for ordination into the ministry of the Church of England, although it does accept a number of school leaver undergraduates too. Both full time and part time courses are offered. It is situated in north Oxford along Banbury Road, by the northwest corner of University Parks, about a 5-minute bike ride away from the city centre. Wycliffe has a strong international mix of students, educating 98 undergraduates and 27 postgraduates of both sexes, boasting many former members who look back on their time there with great affection. The original brick Gothic chapel was designed by George Wallace and built in 1896, followed by a dining hall (now a lecture theatre) in 1913. Further buildings in Norham Gardens were purchased in 1929 and more recently in 2006. The current dining hall was added in 2006. Outstanding library The only subjects offered are theology along with theology and philosophy. The tutors provide specialist teaching in Hebrew, old and new testament, Greek, theology and church history. Because of this specialisation the library is able to offer an outstanding collection for these subjects. Some sport is played but Wycliffe’s real passion is music. Postgraduates and non-ministerial students cannot be offered accommodation. Remaining first years are accommodated and many continue living in college if there are enough rooms available. Wycliffe sets out to provide a supportive environment for academic excellence where students can grow their spiritual faith, study and pray together. Great efforts are made to include spouses in everyday college life, who are free to attend social events and use facilities such as the library. A safe... ... middle of paper ... ...on equal opportunities, harassment and freedom of speech. The Rev John Richardson wrote in response, ‘Once, the universities were bastions of Christianity, now they accept the ethos of a Christian education grudgingly. As to the liberal ethos, that phrase is enough to give me cold chills’. Outside the university Ridley Hall in Cambridge is most like, and closely linked to Wycliffe Hall, but has no university membership and consequently free of such scrutiny. This could be the direction Wycliffe is heading. Outside of evangelical circles, the national press has tarnished the high reputation the college enjoyed. However men and women of a staunch Protestant nature who wish to obtain a first class education and spread the word of the Gospel around the world will find themselves in a stimulating and challenging environment, fully preparing them as Christian servants.

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