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Writing for college is not a game that anyone can play along. College writing becomes difficult as time passes but students these days aren’t ready for that kind of college writing. Coming to college prepared for writing is one of the biggest challenge everyone is facing these days. Writing has become so hard that students are going away from it day by day besides getting closer to it and acknowledging it.
Being a college student and having no credit English class is getting too common because high schools aren’t preparing the students for the real life challenge. First year of writing programs in UIC is hard but for those who are not ready have an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that we can learn more by being in English classes lower that level 100. The disadvantage is that we do not get the credit. The first year of writing would succeed more often if they encourage the students not just to write for their homework or papers but also for their own fun which can make them pleasant. As writer, UIC should be teaching critical thinking besides they teach you argumentative essay and summary because they think after first year we would be needing that but we need critical thinking and creativeness. Critical thinking and creativeness are helpful in future in majoring but not argumentative essay because we need to write reports not essays.
David Bartholomae, writer of an article called Inventing the University who wrote about the failure of teacher towards students’ writing skills said, “Much of the written work students do is test-taking, report or summary, work that places them……, This is a failure of teachers and curriculum designers who, even if they speak of writing as a mode of learning, all too often represent ...

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...ts to end up in remedial class or less information about that topic.
I feel that I am not connected to writing at all because I never got any encouragement towards it which will make me join writing. UIC is great place but it can be better if they start making writing fun with interesting ideas which can be organized by a club or an organization. Having students with great encouragement of writing will not only make the class better but also the whole university. If teachers push all students little more to write on their own even that might work little. Students like me do need basic skills and knowledge about organizing and analysis but if I would get enough encouragement towards writing, I would want my own essay to be perfect and I would work really hard to make it perfect. Writing is needed for education and I am willing to work out with anything to achieve it.
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