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Throughout the ages, humans have discovered new ways to make work easier and more efficient by the evolution and use of tools. A tool is a device used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work. Most of the time, tools are used for building a structure or repairing one. The field that uses tools the most is the one that involves construction of buildings, houses, or recreational structures. There are two types of tools that one would encounter while on one of these building sights: mechanical tools and hand tools. There are advantages to both of these types of tools and there are also disadvantages. For this reason, one will almost always find a mixture of them on a work site. From the earliest of times when cavemen used stone hammers, rock chisels and bone awls to modern day jack hammers, sand/water cutting machines, and excavators man has been finding more and more ways to help speed up the manual labor and production process. Man has been using tools that date back farther than scientists can estimate. Some of the very first tools man made were bits and pieces of sharpened stones. Then they evolved and started using bones of animals. From there, humans started using wood and shaping it with their tools. They then discovered copper and iron were more reliable and more efficient than bone and rock. Slowly but surely these tools have evolved in to what we have today. Most of the regular hand tools that can be found in local hardware stores today originated in the Roman and Greek periods when they were considered the modern day Dubai and New York City. Some of the newer tools that man has created through the use of electricity are power tools. The main idea behind a power tool is for it to do the hard w... ... middle of paper ... ...ned with each other. Using a level is the only way to make sure this is done properly. A level is a piece of wood or aluminum with liquid filled hole in the middle. The liquid has a gas bubble in it and the casing for the liquid has two lines in the middle of it. When using a level make certain that the air bubble is in the center of the lines. This will signify the object is level. Tools are something that make work easier and brisk. Without them, the industrial world would not get anything accomplished. Tools have evolved over the years and so have buildings and establishments. A Canadian philosopher, Marshall McLuhan, once stated, “We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” This quote sums up the idea and evolution of tools and reiterates the importance of the very instruments that shape the world as we know it.

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