New Aristocracy of Manufacturers

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According to the Aristocracy of Manufacturers, which from Democracy in America, Tocqueville mainly discussed about how scientific manufactures bring people to the aristocracy. He separately discussed about potential harms of division of labor, and the differences between the new aristocracy and the old one. In his mind, division of labor expends the rank between the workers and masters, because work men only pay attrition on the specific work processes, which limit their views and thinking abilities, but masters consider extensive production view more than workers, which makes masters control more social capital. This phenomenon tends to the new aristocracy. In addition, he argued that this new aristocracy is different between the old one, because the relationship between the masters and workers are built by the benefits, which means masters only pay workers for producing goods, and masters have no responsibility to workers out of the working hours. In the old aristocracy, workers belong to the masters. Masters have responsibility to workers’ lives. 2 In order to show the potential harms of division of labor, Tocqueville presented an example about making pin head. He believed that a worker, who make pin heads over twenty years, wouldn’t do more but making pin heads. The reason is, In the process of division of labor, the pin heads maker only consider about doing his job, the job limits his ideas and views. In this situation, the worker is not belonging to himself but belonging to the job. Tocqueville argues that this production mode leads to workers lose the general faculty of applying their minds to the direction of the work. He supports his argument as the example of workers who spent twenty years in making heads for pins. He s... ... middle of paper ... ...ot have free time to have a rest, and doing social contract. Some of them even get the depression problem. Another problem as Tocqueville said, a new aristocracy is coming out in society. A lot of news report that lots of leaders of private company burn the money, like buying lots of luxury, but just paying the minimum standards salary to workers. These leaders are cooler to workers, like firing employees, who produce lower benefits; they do not care about workers’ life situations. I heard the news that there were five young employees suicide in a Chinese company, which used to made phone products. The point is it is hard to stop this new aristocracy. The reason is this group of people control the production of necessary goods which so close to our lives; common people are “supporting” this rich group. The rich have economic power and ability to expand their empire.

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