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The metis emerged as a nation due to several factors contributing to a distinct metis national identity. As a nation, the metis developed due to their growing national identity. Metis national identity is based on three factors, the bison hunt, common cultural practices and military involved events. Metis origin can be traced back to the early 1700’s, the arrival of the fur trade in North America. The fur trade can be credited with the formation of the metis race and identity. The bison hunt, played an important role in the solidification of metis unity. The bison hunt gave the metis a common purpose, strengthening the metis as one. Shared cultural practices distinguished the metis from native and Europeans groups. Military factors brought the metis together under one common enemy. The metis continued to emerge and develop due to their strong national pride, definition and identity. The bison hunt contributed to the sense of identity among the metis. ‘The buffalo hunt was a spectacular event the involved the entire community.’ (pg.141) These organized hunts involved hundreds of men, women and children. These hunts were social occasions, bringing families together who saw each other few times a year. With better, understanding of one another, families created bonds strengthening the unity of the metis. The metis no longer saw themselves as children of French and Native instead they became the Metis, the great buffalo warriors. During the hunt, the metis would come in conflict with groups such as the Plain Indians. A common enemy contributed to sense of identity among the metis. The buffalo hunt became an important occupation for the metis. From the hunt, the metis produced pemmican for the fur trade, which in exchange provided ... ... middle of paper ... from the Red River. This proclamation angered the metis, who responded with a fierce rebellion. This conflict between both sides escalated and a battle undertook. The battle, Battle of Seven Oaks, gave the metis a symbol of pride and a common enemy leading them to foster their own identity. Several factors and events, contributed to a metis identity, furthermore it hastened metis emergence and development. Metis identity was formed on the bases of common purposes, enemies and pride. The bison hunt, shared cultural practices, and military events cemented unity of the metis nation as one. The fur trade played a major role in the contribution of a metis identity, one which would become stronger as it developed. “We must cherish our inheritance. We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written down to pass on.” (Louis Riel)
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