World Cup Final - Personal Narrative

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World Cup Final - Personal Narrative Just as I scored a resplendent overhead kick in the rapidly decreasing extra time in the World Cup Final at Wembley the referee's shrill whistle announced the end of the match. England had won the World Cup!! The end of the match celebrations were beginning the crowd were on their feet singing in a joyous tone, the Germans were already out of the ground and on their way to the airport and all across England people were screaming YES! At their television sets. Suddenly the entire crowd became quiescent and many were looking at the referee who was now purple in the face as he had been incessantly blowing on his whistle. I looked at the crowd who rapidly vanished and became a blue wall I looked down at my England kit as it suddenly became a blue duvet then with everything disappearing around me I looked up just to see the Twin Towers become a pair of canary yellow curtains. As I wondered where I was I realised that the referee's whistle was still going as I looked towards where the sound was coming from I saw my alarm clock ringing nineteen to the dozen. I lay in my bed for five minutes trying to recollect my wonderful dream but the ever persistent alarm clock won and I was forced to rise from my warm bed I slammed my hand down on my alarm clock in an attempt to break it and crept back into my bed. About ten minutes had passed when my mother swept into the room fussing as usual about school and trains. She pulled me out of bed and said something else reluctantly I staggered to the bathroom like a drunk after a long nights partying who doesn't know his way back home. I had a cold wash to keep myself awake. I slowly walked back to my room and resisting the urge to crawl back into my warm bed, I put on my drab school uniform. I clambered down the stairs almost tripping on
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