Descriptive Essay About My First Date

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Since I was a little girl, big brown eyes, and very short may add. I was called “Shorty” and Short Stuff”. I, like most little girls, dreamed of one-day meeting prince charming. I wanted to go out on my first date with the most romantic man ever. Well, probably like most young girls that was just a fairly tail, I know it was for me. My first date was not picture perfect to say the less, but things seemed to work out pretty good. Before I get into my first date, I want to mention I have a lot of failed “first dates”. I thought Mr. Right would never come along. After witnessing my parent’s failed and toxic relationships, I thought would be just like them. It was a beautiful Saturday evening, the sun had to start setting just a little. You could see…show more content…
I still had no idea what I was going to wear. I turned to my big sister for help. She had been on numerous dates and was totally fashionable. She instructed me to go shower while she picked out my “fly” outfit. Before getting in the shower, I stood staring at myself in the mirror because I started to feel doubtful about all of this. I was on the chubby side, so I started to think about this wannabe “fly” my sister claims she was going to put together. She was half my size! Also, why does he want to go out with me? Girls at school call me names, so why is interested? I instantly became sick, I got the jiggers and my stomach felt like the bottomless pit. I pulled myself together, shower because I was eager to see this outfit. When I emerged from the hot and steamy bathroom, my sister was standing at the door with cutest acid-washed skirt, a white crop top and red, black and white flannel shirt. I decided to pair it all with my black boots and my sister would fix my hair for me. After getting dressed, I went downstairs and the wait began. I thought I was going to be stood up on my first day. Just to think, I would be the highlight come Monday morning. I tried

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