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One of the organizations that I volunteered at for the majority amount of time was the Hands of Hope Childcare Center. This organization is nonprofit and Christian based. Majority of the items that have are used at this childcare center has been donated from its local community. The childcare center is available to the Oakland County community. They service children who have been subjected to poverty and abuse. This organization also provide help to their parents by providing shelter.
During my volunteering time at the childcare center I did a lot of hands on care with the children. I was placed in the toddler for majority of my time there. I was able to free play and dance with the children. In addition, I assisted them with their arts and crafts. For example, while I was there I helped the toddler make a paper bag puppet. Due to their developmental level, their ability to focus was limited which, caused me to contribute more to their project then what they did. I helped supervise the children while, they were outside playing. I was responsible for making sure that they were safe and played nicely with each other. Lastly, I help put the toddlers down for sleep during nap time. …show more content…

With one of the toddlers I developed a very strong connection with. She was literally attached to my hip. She wanted me to hold her whenever I was around. When I tried to put her down she would cry for me to pick her up. When I played with other kids she would even, try to push them to the side so I could only play with her. Spending time with her made my volunteering experience very enjoyable. She really made me feel special and I hope I made her feel the same way. I hope that I can continue to develop relationship with my future patients as a nurse, like I did with the children at the childcare

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