Wordsworth’s Sonnets and Technology

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Wordsworth’s Sonnets and Technology

In William Wordsworth’s sonnets "The World Is Too Much With Us" and "London 1802," he describes his society as being too dependent on technology.

In Wordsworth’s time, the 1800’s, new phases of technology, such as electricity to run machines, were booming and people were relying more on them. With these new innovations, Wordsworth was convinced that people would stop appreciating nature while allowing technology to run their lives.

In "London 1802," Wordsworth describes how people are becoming more dependent on technology and how they have left behind their ancestors' heritage: "England have forfeited their ancient English dower"(5). The "dower" refers to our inheritance from nature that Wordsworth describes as being "forfeited" or cast aside.

In our society we hardly even appreciate nature compared to the society Wordsworth lived in. We depend on everyday technology to better ourselves, such as television that keeps us indoors and away from the natural world.

Another problem Wordsworth mentions in his society that is releva...
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