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  • Finding a Connection to My Ancestors

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    Finding a Connection to My Ancestors Twentieth century America has become a time for attacking and destroying the most malignant of our social diseases. At the forefront of these attacks has been racism. Although nationalistic and bigoted sentiments existed in America prior to the founding of Jamestown, it was not until the civil rights movement of the 1960's that racial equality became more of a reality than a dream. But as African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and other people of color struggled

  • Did Our Ancestors Live in Harmony with the Environment?

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    Did Our Ancestors Live in Harmony with the Environment? It appears that humans are entering a stage in their collective lives in which we are beginning to see that we can quite easily alter our environments very drastically. Some are still divided about how they feel about this, feeling that things cannot possibly be as bad as the many doomsday-scenarios painted by both scientific and religious authorities. And there are others who are extremely worried about our collective affect on the environment

  • It’s Time to Face the Problems Caused by Our Ancestors

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    It’s Time to Face the Problems Caused by Our Ancestors The past two hundred years have witnessed a massive rise in both industrial and population growth. As a result we as a race have begun overusing and destroying our resources on a level never before seen in the history of humanity. OK. So what? Many would argue that we as a species need to expand; we have the right to control and use our environment to the extent that it will allow us. Humans can, should, and are affecting the world around

  • The Funeral Oration of Pericles

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    for Athens. The oration is a eulogy that focuses on the greatness of Athens and her ancestors. The eulogy is given by a member of the family, in most cases the son. This speech was required by the law to have some necessary components. The speech had to talk about the lives of both the deceased and the ancestors of the deceased. At the end of the eulogy Pericles has told about the soldiers and the ancestors of Athens but it seems that he is not sure if he has been able to get through to the citizens

  • Anthropology - Lucy in Hadar

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    Anthropology - Lucy in Hadar In a search to find our ancestors, several anthropologists have found evidence to support their conclusions. In the films about Don Johanson's discovery of Lucy in Hadar, one may be very intrigued by the first film but very disturbed by the second film. I was very intrigued by the findings of the Australopithecines. The idea that Lucy, the skeleton found in Hadar, Africa, was closely related to the human species was amazing. Lucy was bipedal and her brain was smaller

  • Native Americans

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    Native Americans culture is unique for many ways. Living on the reservations they were in touch with nature as well as their ancestors. Native Americans are disputed in the country, diverse among tribes, culturally mixed, and recognize their own political stands (Bordewich, 1996, p. 71). These have changed over the years, but before the reconstruction of the Native Americans the people were identifiable and knew who they were. Before the Europeans came and changed their living they felt one with

  • Attitudes of War in Ancient Civilizations

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    and land, they set their eyes on larger obstacles. This is when Roman attitude was perhaps revealed about the subject of war. Romans believed that their expansion had been inevitable so they were to believe that they were blameless, and that their ancestors had been more than a passive tool of destiny. They believed that other areas, posed as possible threats and that it was necessary “for defensive reasons” to attack first. Today, these can be viewed as possibly preventive wars. But during the time

  • Romeo And Juliet Essay

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    making one of the most famous plays of all time. Immediately as the play is commenced, the plot of the story is unfolded. The chorus begins revealing the story about two equal ranked families, battling over an ancient grudge carried out from their ancestors. The theme of fighting is already revealed in the opening line to the story. Following the line of fighting and anger comes the second theme, love. Shakespeare writes about two “star - crossed lovers,'; referring to Romeo and Juliet. The term

  • Histories Maladies

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    is not taught in school. Why? Because if it was there are certain groups of people that would be outraged. This is not a racist or prejudiced view, but people who seem to believe that others should be held accountable for what their ancestors did to the others' ancestors will always hold a controlling voice in what is taught in history. Where did this point come from? Simple: as we all know, native Africans were sold into slavery during American colonial times. That has never been disputed. What is

  • De Tocqueville

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    second point is that the aristocracy have great lineage and pay homage to their ancestors, “A man almost always knows his forefathers and respects them;';. This is quite true, however De Tocqueville does not mention that because of the family “blood';, wars have been fought, and many lives lost. De Tocqueville continues to say, “He willingly imposes duties on himself towards the former and latter [ancestors and descendants], and he will frequently sacrifice his personal gratifications