The Importance Of Sustainable Development In Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering has been one of the most important revolutionary keystones of civilization as it has been able to fundamentally change the development of the society throughout the history of mankind. It is a profession with largely human interest in mind. The civil engineers have been able to make use of the natural resources in the environment to make human life more comfortable and efficient. They have also been able to make our day to day life trouble-free by constructing buildings to live, learn and work, roads and railways to travel, bridges to connect unreachable points, airports for air travel and so on. When planning, designing, constructing the civil engineers have always given a great attention to facts such as safety, serviceability,…show more content…
Sustainable development in civil engineering is another challenge that they face today. According to an Engineering Times survey conducted by the national society of professional engineers it is believed that the civil engineers are not involved in sustainable design as they should be. Even though sustainability was a minor consideration in civil engineering in the past, today civil engineers have learned and applied new skills to implement sustainability into projects.

A report on “engineering for sustainable development: Guiding principles” which was written by the Royal academy of engineering in the United Kingdom describes three types of concerns faced by the civil engineers as the sustainable development in civil engineering progresses. They
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Socio-centric concerns.
2. Techno-centric concerns
3. Eco-centric concerns
Socio-centric concerns mean the expectations and the aspirations of human beings. The techno-economic systems or the skills engineers must continue to deploy are techno-centric concerns. Eco-centric concerns can be described as the ability of the planet to sustain human beings by providing the material and energy needs and by accommodating emissions and wastes.

Sustainable concrete materials and sustainable steel reinforcement have been introduced to civil engineers to get closer to the sustainable development. Sustainable buildings constructed with use of these materials have shown an increased service life and the final cost has been reduced due to them.

Implementation of green concepts has been significant not only in design engineering but also in construction. Therefore the knowledge about green design has been a very important fact for the sustainable development in civil engineering. Concepts such as green buildings, carbon foot print, ecological foot print and LEED rating system have helped to achieve sustainable development for civil engineering

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