Womens's Struggle for Equal Rights

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Feminism objectifies the ideals of equality between a man and woman in a common culture or society. For a very long time, women have struggled to find common ground within the dynamics of male dominant cultures. Feminism is the advocacy of women rights in the political, social, and economic equality to men. One would think that as the political, social, and economic structures change, more women would gain more rights just as fair as those to men. Well that’s not exactly the case. For many years now, women still till this present day struggle to have equal rights as those provided to men. Women should be treated just as equal as any other human being, to be more specific, men. Women by now should have gained equal rights as those to men. But who is here to objectify that, men are. For a long time now, women work equally as men do. Women now share the same jobs, play double role as a mother and father, the same responsibilities yet again women do not get enough credit as men do. Paycheck wages are less compared to than those to men, less job opportunities, less benefits. “Men” should ...

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