Should Women Be Paid Equal Essay

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Fight for Women’s Rights to equal pay It is a proven fact that men gets paid more than women. Why do you think that happened? Do men work more than women do? Or is it because they have more muscle than women do? This rule never made sense to me. Why should they get more money when we do the same amount work? I believe that all people should be treated equally as well as paid equally. This is why I choose to be on the right side and argue for women’s right to be paid equally. According to journal of organization culture, communication and conflict “in 1967 women earned sixty cents for a full time work, while men earned one dollar” (Hill, 31). Even though this has improved over the years we still have not reached equality. Women have been behind for centuries. For example, women were given the right to vote after men. Ever since women were created we have been one step behind men and we have been fighting to be equal. Even though society does not think women are equal, we have proven…show more content…
Some people say men have more responsibilities does a women but I think that the complete opposite. Especially in my country women are supposed to do everything. They are expected to clean, cook, work and take of their family. I think this is bravery, and they are doing twice the work a men is doing and that should be applauded. By paying less to a women, people are basically saying that a women deserve to be treated with little respect and that it is fine to encourage men to have the superior power. There are acts written in this subject only. Many people list their views of what they think should happen. Some people say reasons why they want to enforce it while some people like me don’t agree with it totally. According to ABA journal of labor and employment law “The equal pay act was passed in June 10 1963, but was never enacted”. (Siniscalco 1). For this act to be enacted we all had to work together and fight for our
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