Women in the Military

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Do you think the military is fair to everybody? The military is an organization that is set- up to save the world; the director of defense has lifted the ban on women right in the military, so everyone will have an equal chance. This paper will state why the military lift the ban and was it a right choice.
The military is not for everyone. For example, you have to pass certain qualification in order for you to get in. To name a few, you have to be a specific age, citizenship, academic, physical, and legal qualifications. The legal age for you to join the military is 17. When you are 17 your parents have to agree and sign papers for you to be qualified. The oldest you can be is 35 to join the military. You must be a United States citizen or you must be an legal permanent resident alien to even consider to enlist in the military. You must also have an high school diploma or a G. E. D.
In the military, they treated men different that women. For instant, the paid men more. Like President Barack Obama said, “You know, today, women make up about half our work force, but they still make 77 cent for every dollar a man earns. This is wrong, and in 2014, it’s an embarrassment.” I agree with his statement. Women are steadily contributing to the workforce so they should be paid equal. In the military, women were getting paid less because they were limited to certain jobs. Now that the ban is lifted women and men should be paid even.
The director of defense figured since women already serve in Combat roles and fly warplanes they should be able to be on the frontline. 292,000 women have served in war zones out of a total of almost 2.5 million soldiers. Of course, many people disagreed with his decision. According to my source, males h...

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...ale feel better.
In conclusion, now that the ban is lifted, there may be more women to join the military over the years; simply because they know they have the same opportunity as the men soldiers. The ban allowed women to be able to do every and all task that they were banned from if the qualifies for it. This paper let the reader know the pros and the cons of the action and why the military pass this act.

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