Military Women Should NOT Be Allowed in Combat Positions

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Fog covered forests, heat blasted deserts, mortar destroyed landscapes. These are just a few of the scenarios encountered on the modern day battlefield. The present day warrior needs to be decisive, emotionally stable, physically immovable and a natural born killer. Do women fit any of these descriptions? Should a woman be permitted to enter into combat situations? Some argue that it is a woman's right to be fighting along side other men. Others agree that by not letting women in ground troops her rights are being taken away. A woman can be anything that she wants but when she tries to prove that she is just as good as a man in combat she could be putting herself in very dangerous situations that could effect her and her unit.

Many agree, that in certain military occupations, women can function at the same level as men. The controversy about having women fighting with men in wars is the fact that they have a different physical structure, deal with stress and emotions differently , are more susceptible to injury and just don't have the killer instinct necessary to get the job done. Although the last statement might appear to be a stereotype, most women would not be capable of supporting the demanding rigors of war-like situations. It would be a great mistake to allow women in these stressful and dangerous situations.

One of the most important factors that shows how women are not as effective as men in combat situations is the obvious fact that they perform on different physical levels. Other important points are the fact that women are much more susceptible to injury than men. These factors could weigh heavily for th...

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...into play that could affect how women perform in dangerous situations. Women are doing an outstanding job performing and magnifying their current positions in the military. We need to be satisfied and recognize our limitations as humans and soldiers. The role of women has always played an important role in military history. By leaving them out of combat their reputation can remain untainted.

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