Women Shouldn T Be Silenced In A Trifling Media By Shakira Smiler

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Women Shouldn’t be Silenced

In the essay “A Trifling Media,” Shakira Smiler passionately writes about the double standards she has faced as a woman. Being born a girl means that you’ll always be judged for having an extra chromosome. As a young kid, I never understood why boys hitting you was considered normal, nor did I understand why they called me names because I wasn’t up to their standards when they weren’t up to my own standards. I never understood why men could slam, and yell, and be aggressive when they pleased but when an intelligent woman opened her mouth it was suddenly a bad thing. There are many double standards I don’t understand, probably because I’m not as egoistical like the common man but I do notice them and I am aware
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If there was a problem my mother had with my father and she tried to address it, the problem was turned around on her. My dad would blame his mishaps on her, he would insult her indirectly. My mother’s only mistake is putting up with that behavior, and for the simple reason of it’s just how he is. Boys will be boys, and boys will be cruel and disgusting as much as they please, but when a woman is just the same she’s demonized and called “a crazy bitch.” It’s a woman’s fault if she’s with an abusive man, it’s a woman’s fault if she has his child, and suffers in silence because he’s crushed her spirit. That’s a comment my father posted “it was her fault for being with a man like that” well maybe men shouldn’t be like that in the first place. In “A Trifling Media,” Shakira Smiler describes something similar to this when making the comparison towards how women and men give one another gifts. Women put thought into what they give their significant other, while men give unthoughtful gifts, and expect the same gratitude in return. In my home, my father preaches about how women are, as if he’s a guru on how they work. He takes no consideration on how my mother and I feel about that subject, and won’t let us speak on the subject. He tells us that we’re wrong in our opinion about women as if we aren’t a woman, and he holds that double standard of not…show more content…
Girls were only supposed to be cute for boys, they were meant to be quiet and not react to when they found out that their boyfriends were actually cheating on them. Boys took pride to have two girlfriends or even cheat on their girlfriends, it raised their egos when they were with their friends, and they didn’t care about how the girl was scarred and scared to find another boyfriend. Yet, when a girl cheated on a boy, and broke his heat, she was a slut and a whore. She was demonized for “having fun” in a boy’s case, for expressing her sexuality and enjoying herself her reputation and name was trashed and none of the boys cared if it hurt her in any way. All throughout high school I witnessed this pattern, I heard and watched boys howl and cat call girls, insult their looks, and destroy their self-confidence for nothing. When they were the ones who were ugly, even if they weren’t they were ugly on the inside and to them being ugly themselves isn’t the problem. Men worry more about if their dates are ugly and if their girlfriends are fat, when women only care about is if this man will hurt them in any way. Smiler states this perfectly, when she talks about the double standard of both genders being manipulative. She talks about women being manipulative in a way of pleasing, while men are manipulative in a way that tells they only what their next lay. Women are supposed to be prudish but

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