Bell Hooks's View On Feminism

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As an ever growing topic of debate in modern society, understanding feminism is critical to modern social and political stances. Beyoncé Knowles, a celebrity pop star has been a figure surrounded by debate for those seeking to define modern feminism. By examining her feminism, a great deal can be learned about different stance on modern feminism. As bell hooks defines it in her book, Feminism is for Everybody, “Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression” (viii). Through this definition, hooks is clear that feminism can be embraced by anyone, male or female, black or white, rich or poor so long as they oppose sexism and its ramifications since opposing sexism does not mean being against men but rather supporting …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how beyoncé's feminism is critical to modern social and political stances, as bell hooks defines it in her book, feminism is for everybody.
  • Analyzes how beyoncé uses her celebrity status to promote women and confidence rather than just using it to achieve her own gains.
  • Analyzes how beyoncé embraces feminism as the cause for ending sexism and creating equality between men and women.
  • Analyzes how beyoncé embraces her own femininity through her body, which allows her to be a strong model for modern feminism.
  • Explains that beyoncé is a feminist since she opposes sexism and promotes equality. recognizing her feminist stance is vital to understanding modern feminism.

Her confidence is well illustrated in the music video “Who Runs the World (Girls)” by her fierce, focused expression while dancing in skimpy, feminine clothing. In addition, she embraces her powerful feminine identity by comparing herself to a variety of powerful animals in the music video. These elements combine to illustrate Beyoncé’s acceptance of her own femininity but also show how she allows that to empower her, not weaken her. Her actions in the music video are complemented by her actions in real life such as posing in the GQ magazine in only her underwear. On the other hand, some such as Hadley Freeman feel that Beyoncé is too powerful to need to stoop to posing in such magazines; in Freeman’s words, “It’s another if you are professedly one of the most powerful women in the entertainment business who has no need of such tactics” (4). While it’s true that Beyoncé does not need such tactics, it does not necessarily follow that these tactics are in fact a bad thing and purely a publicity stunt. Rather, these tactics are her way of embracing her feminine identity in order to promote feminism in her own way. While perhaps untraditional in her methods, by fully embracing her feminine body, Beyoncé promotes a confident feminism that empowers women in order to eliminate

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