Women In Advertising Essay

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One of the most significant ideas that came to my attention is the way the image of a woman is demonstrated in advertisements. Sometimes society is to blame for. There is a relationship between law and society. There are many differences with the legal system in the aspects of race, class, gender, values, and morals. Is this to say that women are held responsible for nudity in advertisements rather are women enjoying the sexuality in advertisements? It is complex to understand human society and culture however, women have always been discriminated. In this case, it is important to understand why women are the main instrument in advertisements. The structure of society plays a role in the display of a women’s body. The World Health Organization reported that the sexualization of women and girls is related to societal problems. These issues should be address to improve the physical and emotional welfare of women. According to Kilbourne, body positions, facial expressions, and sexual power relationship generate from violent pornography. Advertisements portray women of having less power than men. Studies have concluded the differences of power between a man and a woman. Women are degraded in Advertisements. Society is to be mention because of history. Not only are women portrayed as sex objects they are constantly seen as homemaker experts. Dominick and Rauch examined 1,000 commercials on television and found that women are often shown as housewives. Gender has shown to be a major influence of discrimination. Women have always lacked opportunities compared to men. The majority of advertisements do not depict men in any sexual form. Women were always imposed to be wives and stay home with children. While men work and bring income....

... middle of paper ... Klein presented Eva Mendes for the Secret Obsession perfume. This was a video in where her nipple slips. This was definitely banned in the United States in 2008. Beyonce Knowles presented her first perfume known as Heat. This was also a brief video banned in the 2010 from daytime TV. Where the famous star danced and seems too hot for daytime television. Christian Dior presented Miss Dior Cherie perfume using Natalie Portman in 2011. In this image she is topless looking over her shoulder. This advertisement remains controversy. Another controversy video and interesting image we see is from Marc Jacobs from 2010 showing a male figure. The colon is in between his legs along with the name of the fragrance.
The disadvantages of the perfume advertisements are often overlooked. In the 1950 women were thick identified as beautiful. Today the main goal is to be thin.