Willy Loman And The Death Of A Salesman

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The main character in the novel is Willy loman who is facing the difficulty situation in the play. Firstly I am going to describe Willy loman and Biff loman the oldest son of Willy. Willy is the father of two sons Biff and Happy, he has a lot of potential, and he thinks the goal of life is to be well liked and gain material success. He failed to achieve the American goal. And Biff the oldest son of Willy is the character in the novel that shows any real personal growth, he cannot hold down a job. In the story at (Act 2, 105) I am going to discuss the merits of Biff observation.
The relationship between Biff and Willy is not good. Since Biff found that his father Willy was cheating to her mother he left the home. In the play The Death of a Salesman Willy Loman and Biff seems they don’t like each other. Although Willy love his son Biff. When Biff was young Willy was always there supporting Biff in everything and was very proud of him. And he was the son that Willy had attached him dreams upon. According to the statement “I am not the leader of men, Willy, and neither are you. You were anything but a hard working drummer who landed in the ash-can like all the rest of them”. Biff’s observation was that he sees his father as a failed to achieve, although he work hard to success. Willy loves Biff his oldest son since he was at school. In his mind he was thinking that Biff will become a successful man in life, but it didn’t happen’. Biff is a man who got the job but fail to keep his job. That makes Willy become frustrated. But Biff he tried to find himself. Here Biff compare his self and Willy’. Willy is the hard worker trying to achieve an American dream, and when he look at Ben his brother who achi...

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... an American dream. Because of the shortage of money and worried about his family that cause Willy to take his life he commit suicide because of love. His too much love to biff makes him to take his life. In the story we had that all this things happened because of the American dream and too much love.
In the play we see Willy Loman confusing his family because of his action that makes the whole family become worried of him keep asking their self about the father of the family Willy Loman. His hallucination didn’t affect the family only even the neibours are worried about him. To overall all these that cause Willy seems like is crazy it because of the American dream where everybody want to achieve the American dream in these world. That is doesn’t happened in America only even in the African continent it’s happened because of the colonial influence.
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