William Shakespeare: Still Influencing People Today

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William Shakespeare was an English man with an unmatched way of approaching poetry, theater and playwriting. William Shakespeare has an outstanding reign of playwrights including some highly famous ones such as Romeo and Juliet(), The Tempest() and Hamlet(). He has influenced many walks of life and has set the stepping stone for other forms of entertainment. William Shakespeare has remained famous throughout his life and up to today because his poetic words have always been able to relate to people and tap into their emotions.
Shakespeare was said to be born on April 23, 1564, to John Shakespeare, “a glove maker and a trader of farm produce who also worked on the city council”()and Mary Arden, “the daughter of a land owner from a neighboring village,”(). He was baptised in the Trinity Church of Stratford where he eventually was laid to rest. His lifespan was within the time of the Renaissance. Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18 and had a daughter Susan and then two years later they had twins together. At 27 he decided to take a trip to London in hopes of discovering his dream as a theatrical playwright.
Shakespeare’s life span was during the time of the renaissance, a romantic era of art and music. This was believed to be strongly connected in helping him develop a career out of theater. He was genius with his business schemes, many thinking it ran through his blood and that he learned a great deal from his father. Shakespeare was a noted poet before being a playwright. London back in Shakespears time was a mecca of trade ships and new development of big buildings Being in the era, there were stricly divided social classes and order, although the one execption to these everyday customs was the theater. The thea...

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... preformed, anaylized and take part in making the world a better plae. Thye help people see from other points of veiw and remeber that life and love are precious things.
William Shakespeare can capture an audience and has a nurtured way of doing so. It has withstood the age of time because everytime you go back to it, something else that hadn't been noticed before arrises. As a younger person you may see the writting in one light and as an elderly person your veiw may change complelte abbout it but that is the beauty of his writtings. Each peice offers so many veiws and wisedom that all together they make up an increibly amazing and pure life if all shown and taught is used to better oneself as a person. Shakespeare's work has been put under doubtful possibility that it was him who actually wrote it, however it does not change these amazing stories he takes us on.

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