Biography of William Shakespeare and Review of The Merchant of Venice

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William Shakespeare has influenced many individuals in extraordinary ways, and he will continue to do so as life prospers. The many plays created by him have taught the readers new morals towards life itself. Shakespeare’s literature ranges from poetry to plays that countless people have had the luxury of reading and enjoying. His plays show the viewpoints of most of his characters, such as the play The Merchant of Venice does. The thoughts that could have gone through his head are unimaginable, and make us think of how blessed he was to have such an astonishing gift. In today’s society, people can view the various influences of Shakespeare’s plays and learn from them. His plays are still read today, movies have been made about him and his works, and almost every person on this planet knows who William Shakespeare is. In order to attain more knowledge on Shakespeare, we examine his life, works of literature, and the various criticisms pertaining to his plays.

William Shakespeare was raised by John Shakespeare and Mary Arden, who were united during the time Mary Arden’s first daughter was born. Mary Arden inherited ten marks, an estate in Wilmcote, valuable possessions, and the crops grown on her father Robert’s land after he passed (Schoenbaum 21-22). If it was not for their marriage William Shakespeare would not have existed. John Shakespeare, William’s father, made gloves for a living. The brilliant playwright was born in Stratford-upon-Avon (“Shakespeare” 1). Shakespeare was born with a true gift, and this gift is still enjoyed today by those who read his plays. On April 23, 1564 Shakespeare was born, three days later he was baptized on April 26, 1564 (Schoenbaum 24-25). Being only three days old, William Shakespeare ...

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