William Shakespeare

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Was it William Shakespeare?
William Shakespeare was one of the most memorable play writers in history. However, William may have been given false credit. Many people believe that he may not author the plays. In fact, there is much evidence that shows that he did not author the plays.
Some people believe that they have found the real author. According to this quote, “An English schoolmaster, J. Thomas Looney went looking for Shakespeare, After years of searching through old documents, Looney came up with a man names Edward De Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford , who lived from 1550-1604,” (Austin Para. 8), It is strong evidence. It means that Looney may found the real author who authored the plays. This also shows that William Shakespeare may not be the author at all. According to this quote,” Periods in which Shakespeare wrote typically did not include the authors name at all,” (Khapp Para. 4), it gives us a feeling that we might have some strong evidence. This clearly shows that someone else may have wrote the plays but did not include their name, so William thought he could plagiarize and pretend he wrote them. This also shows that Shakespeare didn’t include his name to prove that he wrote them. William clearly did not write the plays because Looney searched through old documents and found an unknown name in his documents and Shakespeare did not include an authors’ name in his so called plays.
Most People believe that William wasn’t educated enough to write or author his own plays. In this quote, “People believe William was an untutored genius,” it seems like people think he did not go to school at all. (Para.1) this means that William was probably just really smart but was not educated enough. It also means that William was probab...

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