William Golding is an Example of Never Giving Up Your Dreams

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William Golding is a British authors who has sold millions of novels worldwide. He went through many obstacles before he became a successful author. His novels are still great sellers, not only for their exiting plots but for their philosophical insights into the nature of human beings. William Golding is a great example of not giving up on your dreams.
The writings of William Golding were mainly influenced by his parents, World War II, and his profession as a teacher. As a boy, Golding first learned of rationalism and the wonders of science from his father, Alec (Feeney). His mother, Mildrid, a storyteller, would speak of ghosts and phantom ships (Feeney). This led to Golding's discovery of the existence of evil at a very young age (Feeney and Reif, 3 ). At the time of World World War II, Golding joined the Royal Navy (Reif, 20). While serving his country, he learned the evils of the human race by experiencing what they were capable of of under extreme situations (Al- Sadi). This lead him to question the horror that is war (Al- Sadi). At the end of World War II, Golding went back to his job of teaching (Reif, 21). He was involved in several activities and spent much of his time with his students (Reif, 30). Golding observed his students and how they interacted with one another (Feeney). He used his findings to write some of his most famous works. (Feeney).
Like many authors, success did not come easy for Golding. He went through many obstacles before he published his first novel. William Golding originally went to college to study natural science, but after two years decided to switch to the subject he truly loved, English literature (William Golding- Biographical). While Golding was in war, he made the transition from a minor poet to an original novelist because he learned Greek (Rief 22). One summer, Golding made writing his first priority. (Reif, 21). He wrote two short stories and they both were rejected by publishers (Reif, 22). This discouraged Golding, but his wife encouraged him to start writing his own novel (Reif, 22). The novel now known as "Lord Of The Flies" was originally called "Strangers from Within" and was rejected twenty one times before it was published (Feeney) . Within a year, his first novel gained much success, which was just the beginning of his stardom (Al- Sadi and Reif, 18 ).

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