Wilding Case Study

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•Merrill Lynch, a massive investment back on Wall Street was the starter of the biggest mortgage companies to go wild. Merrill plan was to do a subprime mortgages that would get people to fail on their own toxic products. He knew those debts would stack up and then people would not afford to pay off that mortgage. His plan was to secretly bet against or insuring themselves to fail. Merrill only focused on making more money by doing subprime mortgages. Therefore, the plan was to get mortgages that would not be sustained and redo it into a subprime mortgages. Indeed he would sell them off other corporation that would not question the investment and would more likely not be able to understand the possible risk of buying it. Merrill was doing …show more content…

Wilding is not only harming the global warming but also killing people. James Hansen says the reason why we have global warming and climate change is due to corporation burning oil, gas, coal, and fossil fuels. These large corporation will create a storm cloud that will contaminate our greenhouse and cause global warming. In addition they say that human cause global warming because of their wilding with the American Dream. People often what to carry those top carbon-spewing cars and own those carbon-intensive houses. Companies are focusing on their own profit and growth while producing their dirty products that contaminate global warming. Global warming is caused by us the people. This involves systemic capitalist wilding because corporations are putting profit and power above people and the environment. Political also are part of this because they refuse to tax fossil fuels to corporation utilizing it. Another reason why global warming is caused by wilding is because we are harming our environment. Those luxuries we want to carry with us is in reality harming our environment and causing these climate changes. Not only is it wilding against global warming but also future generations. American is all about “me” and “mine” which lead to us desperately wanting “stuff” that makes us all complicit of wilding against our planet and in climate change. We focus on us and don’t see how it is harming our

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