2008 Financial Crisis Essay

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I. Introduction.
The "subprime crises" was one of the most significant financial events since the Great Depression and definitely left a mark upon the country as we remain upon a steady path towards recovering fully. The financial crisis of 2008, became a defining moment within the infrastructure of the US financial system and its need for restructuring. One of the main moments that alerted the global economy of our declining state was the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on Sunday, September 14, 2008 and after this the economy began spreading as companies and individuals were struggling to find a way around this crisis. (Murphy, 2008) The US banking sector was first hit with a crisis amongst liquidity and declining world stock markets as well. The subprime mortgage crisis was characterized by a decrease within the housing market due to excessive individuals and corporate debt along with risky lending and borrowing practices. Over time, the market apparently began displaying more weaknesses as the global financial system was being affected. With this being said, this brings into question about who is actually to assume blame for this financial fiasco. It is extremely hard to just assign blame to one individual party as there were many different factors at work here. This paper will analyze how the stakeholders created a financial disaster and did nothing to prevent it as the credit rating agencies created an amount of turmoil due to their unethical decisions and costly mistakes.
II. Assessing the Housing Crisis
In terms of looking at how credit rating agencies affected the market as a whole, they played a role within the mortgage crisis as they gave way to a real estate credit bubble. The mortgage crisis seems to have b...

... middle of paper ... workers being affected by the financial crisis. We don’t want to point fingers here only assess the ethical dilemmas that these companies face. Subjective human judgment opens up for the possibility of undesirable human biases and manipulation. However, with or without human judgment, financial models of credit risk are subject to manipulation, both legally and fraudulently.
The forced liquidation of some $3 trillion in private label structured assets has been deprived from the financial markets and the U.S. economy has obtained a vast amount of liquidity that the banking system simply cannot restore. It is not as easy to just assign blame within these case however it is noted that the credit rating agencies unethical decisions practices helped add onto the financial crisis of 2008 and took into account the company’s well-being before any other stakeholders.
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