Why Was The Civil War Justified?

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In this essay you will learn about how the civil war started,victims which are how many people died , how many people captured and missing and how many people were wounded and how many people fought in the war

Why was the civil war STARTED?
Because slavery was back then and most people didn’t want that.
So they had a war to see if slavery was going to be no more, or it they are gonna have slavery still going on.
So they had a war and it is pretty obvious who won the battle the Americans. If the native americans won then slavery would still be going on.

1’264’00 americans died and 644’000 other conflicts died. 2.75 million soldiers died in the end of the civil war 2 million from the north died and 750’000 from the souTH had died 620,000 people were killed 476,000 people were wounded 400,000 were captured/missing. …show more content…

The civil war occurred in the United States, Confederate States of America ,Southern United States ,Western United States,Atlantic Ocean,Northeastern United States. There is a picture to see where the civil where was fought.


1. The civil war was fought between the Northern and the Southern states from 1861-1865.
2. Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States during the civil war.
3. The issues of slavery and Central power divided the United States.
4. The civil war began when Southern troops bombarded Fort Sumter South Carolina.
5. The North had more men and more materials than the

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