Why Sports Matter in our History and Our Lives

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When discussing why sports matter and the influence it has had over the course of history, many controversial issues have been whether or not sports have taught us to cultivate discipline. Sheed explains that sports can play an important role in the lives of people by helping them discover who they are and where they want to be. The lesson of sports goes deeper than just practicing or playing a game, they help build characteristics that will prepare you for many obstacles in life. Sheed mentions that sports were created and put into schools to teach discipline, patience, and honesty to male students. He continues to point out that sports are very competitive and that sportsmanship and discipline does not matter anymore, but instead the very need to win. In “Why Sports Matter,” Wilfrid Sheed, contends that “sports did not only outlaw cheating but drilled its participants to detect and despise it in each other”. This was a crucial lesson taught to a nation based on transactions.
According to Sheed, “Schools and colleges also teach something by their very natures, which is that you are now playing for a whole community and not just yourself” (498). Typically, what Sheed is saying is that sports have brought peers, schools, students, and even communities together to share and engage in one thing they love, sports. The people that are not even engaged in the physical aspect of sports are still brought together. They are able to cherish their favorite teams and show pride as their team endures the road to glory.
I believe William Sheed’s argument is very informative. He does a good job in underlying the positive and negative effects sports has had on society over the course of 150 years. His essential argument was why sports matter and the role it had partaken in the 19th century. The tone, examples, and arguments throughout the essay were well regulated to the sense of where he appealed to his audience. The intended audience of athletes, students, and intellectuals will find this essay interesting as Sheed explains on how sports takes on a life of its on.
The essay that Wilfred Sheed presents was written for a scholarly journal. He is a credible author who wrote many books, and published some of his work in the Wilson Quarterly. I would say this essay is fair to opposition because, he touch bases with both the negative and positive effects of sports.

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