Why Societies Fall.

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Rome also made a lot of bad decisions. One of the worst decisions they made was having to go to war so often that they made other people that weren’t even Romans pay their taxes. This should have been a warning sign to them to know that they don’t have anymore money and need more for war. This was a bad decision because the people of Rome had to go out and fight, and put their lives to a stop. The other people in the Roman Empire, that weren’t even in Rome had to pay taxes for those men to go to war. This was a very bad decision because they were forcing humans to do something. Humans do not like to be forced to do something. They were forced to put their lives to a stop and possibly die in the process of fighting for Rome. This could lead to a city falling because, of this one bad decision they are now having their men sacrifice themselves, against their will and having people who aren’t even in Rome pay their taxes. Humans do not like to be forced to do things, and this was exactly what Rome was doing. In Current day Ukraine, the president has run away and left his country on its own. This is a very bad decision. This could lead to the downfall, of a society because they have no government now. They have no one to lead them. Also they have named the new people of their new government, but have not put them into action. They did not let the people of Ukraine vote on the people they wanted. They left them in the dark and now because of that bad decision they now have to live with those choices whether they are good or bad. In the Maze Runner They only have a the best of the people at their job, which is called the Keepers make the decisions. this could lead to a downfall of a society because the people don’t get to choose who r... ... middle of paper ... ...take them over. In Rome poor farmers were having their land taken away by the rich to have their villas on that land now. This could cause a downfall of a society because the poor who are making the food for the citizens are those poor people that are now homeless. They are now homeless and have no farm to do their job of making food for the city. Also since they now have no homes, no jobs, and they will begin to rebel against the rich, which will create a civil war against the rich. When the people are at war that is always bad. If the poor decides not to go against the rich they are going to go against, the government and take them down eventually. This will bring down a society because when a group of people are being treated badly and go against the government in a warlike manner they then will either change something or take over the whole entire government.

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