Why School Should Start Later

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Schools should start later because it’ll lead to better grades and better attitudes. When teens don’t have enough sleep some teens might start to do drugs and alcohol. Sleep is very important to all ages. Some teens have uneven sleep orders, because some may stay up late and get up late on the weekends and that may cause them to be off schedule during the week(Lewis). Even though later start time would lead kids missing end of the day classes to attend sporting events, school should start later because kids need more sleep and reduces car crashes and uses in alcohol and drugs.
Sleep is important to your body and health (Strauss). Not having enough sleep can cause acne (Strauss). Sleep helps athletes play better, but when athletes don’t have enough sleep will be more likely to have more injuries (Lewis). With kids not getting enough sleep they suffer from relatable symptoms such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless leg syndrome(Strauss). Teens that don’t get enough sleep are more likely to do drugs, drink alcohol, and cause depression and suicide(Lewis). Most teens need at least eight to nine …show more content…

If school gets out later then kids will get home later than usual and that will cause parents to become unwilling about teens starting later because they are dependent on them to be home in the afternoon so they will be there for younger siblings (Richmond). Later start times could lead to no sports or if there was sports it would lead kids missing the end of the day to attend sporting events and stay at school later for practices (Lewis). If kids are missing the end of the day then their school schedules would be shorter and it would become unfair for the unathletic children and the athletic children would become overwhelmed with practices plus having extra homework that they would have to go to their teachers to learn what to do on their free

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