Why Is Fidel Castro A Charismatic?

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To answer the question that is Fidel Castro a charismatic, first of all, we need to define the word “charismatic”. The influential sociologist Max Weber states three authorities in his study. According to Dana Williams’ article “Max Weber: Traditional, Legal-Rational, and Charismatic Authority”, which says “Charismatic authority is found in a leader whose mission and vision inspire others. It is based upon the perceived extraordinary characteristics of an individual”. Given the definition, one can definitely say that Fidel Castro is a charismatic because he is creation of his followers, he regards himself as elected from above to fulfill a mission and his behavior of a leader in power is anti-bureaucratic. People praised him as the big beard…show more content…
Among those leaders, Fidel Castro is the most influential one. Fidel Castro as the former revolutionary leader, in 1959, he took his brother Raul Castro and Che Guevara, led the people in Cuba overturn the Batistuta dictatorship that supported by United States. In many decades, United States was unhappy about Cuba, which lead by Castro, and set the blockade and embargo towards Cuba. Fidel Castro was so insist about revolution and never give in. He always wears the khaki military uniform in public to represent his determination as a revolutionary. In 1960s, the central intelligence agency (CIA) of America organized Cuban mercenaries several times to armed landing and tried to assassinate Castro, in order to change the revolutionary regime under Castro’s power. Castro once said that in his life, he has bee. Few years ago, the U.S former president Mr. Clinton mock ups him in a speech. He said that, “he is president of Cuba when I was in kindergarten, he is president when I was in elementary school, he is president when I was in high school, he is present when I was in college, he is president when I was campaign for America president, and he is still present when I no longer be the president of America”. Fidel Castro is such a leader who never afraid of being assassinating and so determine about revolution in

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