The Impacts Of Fidel Castro's Education Reform Policy

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In 1959, Fidel Castro led a revolution and rose to power in Cuba. William Appleman Williams explain that Castro stated that the problem of education is one of the problems that he would take immediate steps to resolve. (Williams n.d.) Therefore, one of the social policies Castro implemented when he rose to power was his Education Reform Policy. The peak of this policy was in 1961, which Ernesto Guevara dubbed the “year of education”.
Castro wanted to expand Cuba’s education system. His primary goal was the extension of education and other social services. In his autobiography, Castro has stated that “[he is] a Socialist, a Marxist, and a Leninist” (Fidel Castro 2008). Being a Socialist indicates that Castro wanted a range of economic and social
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He wanted to start off by increasing the enrollments of children in schools. By May 1959, the percentage of children ages six to fourteen not attending schools had been cut in half. In just a few months since he rose to power, Castro was able to enroll hundreds of thousands of children into school, cutting the rate in half. Not only did Castro enroll students the year he captured power, but before 1961, the year of education, was over, he had enrolled 300,000 new students. These students ranged from all ages, and came from both urban and rural areas. By increasing enrollment rate, Castro was able to decrease illiteracy and teach more Cuban citizens, thus bettering the education system from before. In order to make it easier for children who could not afford private education, Castro created schools. He created schools for peasants and former domestic servants. Not only was Castro willing to enroll new students, he also wanted those who still would not be able to attend school to learn. These students were not just limited to children, but also included adults who had not received a proper education. This ensured that not only was the previous generation well educated, but the current generation was as

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