Why Is Capitalism Better Than Communism

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Have you ever wondered how economics worked when your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were young. A long time ago, there was Socialism, Communism, and Capitalism, and lots of people think that Communism was better, but there are also some flaws within it. Socialism and Communism Socialism and Capitalism are very different, in fact they are as different as it gets. According to Comparing Economic Systems, “Socialism calls for putting the major means of production in the peoples hands… Capitalism is based on private ownership, and economic freedom… the government cannot help one business have an advantage over another." This evidence shows that in Socialism, economics are put in the hands of the people, and Capitalism economics is put in the hands of the government. According to Characteristics of Capitalism, ¨People should compete freely.” This evidence shows that there is no favoritism from the government in capitalism, while socialism “believes the government should redistribute wealth by the rich and the poor.” ( Why Socialism Differs) There are many differences between Socialism and Capitalism. Communism …show more content…

According to Karl Marx and Communism, “Communism is meant to solve the major problems of Capitalism.” This evidence shows that Communism is solving many major problems like fierce competition, and private property. Also according to Karl Marx and Communism, “Marx theorized that capitalists competing for profits would squeeze as much work out as possible out of the workers while paying them as little as possible… As a theory Marxism (Communism) is more durable.” This evidence shows that communism is more stable than Capitalism and Socialism, making it safer. In conclusion, Communism is the most stable

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