The Pros And Cons Of Capitalism

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Capitalism is an economic system in which the production and distribution are privately owned, the government involvement is minimal,and there is free enterprise. In Capitalism, the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit in a competitive market. Also the economic investment, ownership and profits are all owned by individuals. Under capitalism the state is separated from the economy, which means that the government has no role in business. In other words, everyone works for themselves. The market forces in a capitalist country runs by supply and demand which it determines the price and later on it turns into profits. Supply is the quantity of goods and services a business is willing to sell, while Demand is the quantity of goods and services consumers are willing to buy. Therefore, Capitalism is the best economic system because it rewards the ones that work hard and since the government does not control trade, there is a large variety of goods and creates options for consumers to fit their personal needs.
Capitalism is the best economic system for many reasons. The first one is because the government believes in “ Laissez Faire”, which means “Hands off”. The government has no role
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Every single one of them has their pros and cons. Capitalism is no exception. Cons in Capitalism include monopoly in which large companies can become too powerful. Unfair pay and worker exploitation are also used to increase profits, which lead to greed in wanting more and more money. However, these things happened in Socialism and Communism as well; the only difference is that in Capitalism the people have the choice to become better. Capitalism allows you to sell and buy as you wish, creating economic growth. Capitalism improves the livings standards of the society overall. Furthermore, there are no better alternatives than capitalism because history has shown failures of communism and economies with too much government
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