Why I Choose To Live In Nova Scotia

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We are a small family from southern part of India, looking forward to migrate to Canada under the Express Entry stream. We are a three-member family consisting of myself Appala, my caring wife Lavanya, and our loving daughter Saranya. We have plenty of reasons to choose to settle in Nova Scotia permanently and the one that topped the list is – it is really a great place to raise our kid. I was an entrepreneur working with local municipalities as a public works contractor, ended up with huge losses due to the delayed payments and had to wind up the business. Subsequently, I attended Southampton Solent University in England and completed my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Post qualification, I gained more than four years of full-time …show more content…

Firstly, we would prefer to live in a less densely populated province where the people are truly joyful. Most importantly, we would like to be respected no matter what job we do as we would prefer to be respected based on our values rather than our financial success. Furthermore, we would like to adapt a lifestyle of our own rather to live by other people’s standards. Finally, we would like to explore the true purpose of the life. I lived for about two years in the city of Southampton in England while studying my masters. I couldn’t help but notice similarities between the city of Halifax and the city of Southampton in many ways, including a slower-paced lifestyle; friendly people, welcoming communities, diverse cultures, maritime type climate, ease of public transit, clean air, and nearby beaches. Did I forget to mention the maritime museums (Titanic) and the nearby islands with beautiful coastal scenery? With a flourishing economy, a sense of caring community, high quality of education and a progressive sense of sustainability, we strongly believe that Nova Scotia is the perfect province and Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is the perfect place for us to start our new life. What better place could we replenish our dreams and desires, but in Nova

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