Why Go Vegan?

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There is someone in your life who you want to encourage to eat more healthfully for a variety of reasons; there are many strategies you can use to persuade someone to try to eat more healthfully. According to eating vegan is not about stern diet philosophies, staying extremely small, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. It is mainly about feeling good, improving your mood, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. We all know someone who could live a better and longer life if they ate healthier. Alia Butler article from believes poor diets deficient in the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need can take a negative toll on your overall health. Starting to eat vegan can easily overturn the consequences of an unhealthy diet.
Brown University “defined a vegetarian as a person who does not eat meat, poultry, and fish. Vegetarians eat mainly fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, and nuts. Many vegetarians eat eggs and/or dairy products but avoid hidden animal products such as beef and chicken stocks, lard, and gelatin.” The Vegetarian society states that there are four different types of vegetarians; Lacto-ovo-vegeterian which only eats both dairy products and eggs, Lacto-vegetarians who only eats dairy products but not eggs, Ovo-vegetarians who only eats eggs but not dairy products and lastly vegans who do not eat dairy products, eggs, or any other animal product.
Becoming a vegetarian has many positive impacts to your life. This new lifestyle can help you keep off illnesses, help you maintain and keep your weight down, help you live longer, decrease pollution and most importantly save the lives of animals. Vegetarian diets are a lot more healthful than the normal meat eating diet...

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...ust cares for you in and wants you around a lot longer. Just imagine if you were an animal, you’d want to live right, instead of getting ate by someone? I know I’d choose another chance at life over death any day.

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