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“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” stated Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, 460-377 BC (Silverstone 15). Every American should live by this quote, but things have drastically changed since Hippocrates voiced that divine statement . Nowadays peoples personification of health has nothing to do with what we consume on an everyday basis. Our generation, most certainly will drive straight to McDonalds’s for a Big Mac without hesitation of the harm it is doing to your body. Education of health is essential; people need to learn what they are eating and how it will affect them in the long run. Due to mega rich corporations and institutions, they are keeping all of us in this denial because of pouring millions of dollars into efforts to keep us from knowing what is truly going on (Silverstone 16). Whether it’s to help reduce your risk of diseases, or purely to attain better health, leaving farmed animals entirely out of your diet is an effortless decision with life-long benefits. Plant-based diets will strengthen your immune system, beautify your skin, increase your energy, and reduce risk of various diseases (Silverstone 1). Being vegetarian is a step in the right direction by protecting your health, animals, and the environment. As a human being, by nature are we meant to be meat-eaters? Giehl et al. argues that “It has been discovered that the diet of any animal in its natural state fits to its anatomical structure and established body functions. With attentive analysis, it is evident that humans are not naturally suited to a diet which includes flesh.” For example, when you look at meat animals such as wolfs, lions, hyenas, etc their fang teeth are built to rip flesh and devour meat. It would be vir... ... middle of paper ... ... only do I feel fitter on daily basis, my body hasn't been seriously sick since being vegetarian. I actually was convinced to finally give up meat after reading the book “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone. I have never been fond of killing animals but once educating myself I knew I could never go back to consuming meat. Being healthy, protecting animals, and saving the environment are the key reasons to become a vegetarian. Adapting to a vegetarian lifestyle will benefit you in several ways and contribute to making our society more livable. Your making a difference, and taking a stand for what you believe in. There are plenty of appetizing recipes for a vegetarian, you will never lack from inefficient amount of food. If you choose to eat meat or not, taking vegetarianism into consideration can only feed your body with nutrients and elongate your delicate life.

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