Why Europe and Not China in World Colonization?

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Why Europe not China?

In the 15th century there were three dominant nations in the world, China, Islam, and Europe. All three were strong powerful countries that battled for the greatest and the best. But one question that seams to puzzle people is: why did the Europeans discover America before Islam and China? What was it about them that lead them to discover the Americas before any one else? There are many reasons that caused them to be there, but with the discovery of the Americas came some consequences.

For several centuries the Europeans were always trying to have the best of the best in their country. Because they were so greedy they went of on several voyages to trade and gain those products they desired like silk, porcelain, tea, and lacquer-ware. With this the Europeans were always trying to out due and impress the Chinese with their clocks and their scientific gadgets. But they were never impressed, the Chinese always believed they were better and never wanted much to do with the Europeans. The Chinese were always very advanced in every skill; they believed that they had all that they needed to be a strong nation.

So getting to the question. With the Europeans trying so hard to have the best of the best and always wanting more, and the Chinese never wanting any more, it becomes obvious why China didn't discover America first. They didn't feel like they needed to, they were ignorant and wanted nothing to do with the rest of the world. Plus, China was a unified and stabled country, everyone on China was run by one dynasty. So in the 15th century when everyone was of on voyages, the Chinese were getting threats from the Mongols in the north, and the emperor shifted the Chinese to the north and abandoned the sea. Europe on the other hand were always trying to find more, and become stronger than the rest, so their greediness lead them to find America. Also Europe wasn't united, they were ruled by several kings and were spilt into several countries, which aloud anyone to go from country to country to find a ruler to fund their voyage. But what about Islam, why didn't they find America first? First of they had sea disadvantage, although they had many fine metal works and other crafts, they weren't as advance in boats and sea voyages. They didn't have a geographical advantage like Europe or China.

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