Why Does Urbanization Occur?

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Urbanisation is the process which has led to an increasing proportion of a country's population living within urban areas. It is impossible to say exactly when the process began, but in Britain it was around the time of the industrial revolution. Many people moved from rural to urban areas in search of regular employment. The MEDC's around the world are all urbanised now, with annual growth rates of urbanisation still increasing, but sustainably. LEDC's however are still rapidly urbanising. In this essay I am going to look at all the factors that cause urbanisation and evaluate why it is occurring. The economic reasons behind urbanisation are mainly decided by industry. Industry is generally located in urban areas. Any industry needs to be close to other businesses to trade information and goods. Also any industry has a need for a very large workforce, which is provided for by the large population of the area. The industrial revolution played a major part in urbanisation of MEDC's. Employment was provided for thousands and the revolution provided a starting block for industry. Because industry started in urban areas it is much easier for other industries to set up in urban areas. It provides them with an advantage of being located near many other industries and services that are necessary. In LEDC's the economic reasons do include small industry and businesses but also the need for food and water. Urban areas provide many more services than rural areas and if the people of LEDC's could find work they would be able to buy food and water. In rural areas they would either have to produce their own food or have to travel quite a significant distance to get what they need. People begin to grow tired of living in poverty and sla... ... middle of paper ... ...izes of cities increasing due to more and more people migrating from rural areas. LEDC's will continue to build their industry and cities with little or no consideration for the natural environment. I can see the trend of counter urbanisation continuing in MEDC's. The urban areas in MEDC's are becoming larger and more crowded. As the congestion and pollution increases in cities people will feel that a rural lifestyle is more relaxed. Despite the extortionate prices of housing in urban areas I can see the prices of rural housing increasing due to the counter urbanisation trend. I think that in the future a spacious country house will be considered far more fashionable than a cramped city flat. Unfortunately if this process goes out of control it could mean damage to the environment due to the damage caused by people from urban areas used to a different lifestlye.
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