What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Urban Life

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Urban lifestyle and the economy has its advantages and disadvantages, employment, recreation, healthcare including educational systems compared with rural areas. Each informant had similar ideas, values, beliefs that are shared by most of the human race living in Urban environment such as increase temperature in the summer. Urban citizen and the three informants talking about the economy, poverty, educational system, healthcare, Mental health, Person in the environment, Social institutions such as welfare system, and labor market.
Citizens living in Urban cities enjoy accessibility to Hospitals, clinic, shopping and recreational activities the cities provides, On the contrary, Mobile, AL offers little indoor activities during the hot summer
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The advantage of life in an Urban city is more jobs, convenient travel to facilities example hospital, clinics and entertainment. Urban cities have a vast growth in the economy, closer to higher education, inner city transportation, social assimilation, culturalism, and diversity among the urban population. Growing industrialization for watercrafts, steel, oil, and textile. Rural Farmers and agricultural business bring the products to Urban cities to sell their product to larger companies, in turn, Urban cities and boost the economy…show more content…
For example in Mobile, AL Mental Health facilities are available for inpatients and outpatient, there is also a private psychiatrist for the mentally ill and counseling. This type of Social institution such as Department of Human Resources, Schools, Church and College including universities. The affordable care act in 2000 made a significant impact in Mental health care, for the population us the service for counseling needs to cope with the mental disorder and life obstacles. However, before the Affordable care act, before 1990, mental health care and treatment were unaffordable, citizens had to pay a high deductible, high premiums, limitation on counseling sessions. The quality care was unacceptable that resulted in unsuccessful treatment. The population is living today in urban and rural are susceptible to more stressor that ultimately creates stress. For that reason, Mental health care is essential for the population residing in Urban and rural
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