Why Does Some Parents Hurt Young Children Essay

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Some people say that “No one should be pushed, some kids are pushed so much that they don’t want to keep on going at all. They undergo too much stress and it makes school harder for them. Some parents push too hard and make kids feel like their parents don’t love them or want them around.” Others say “How will they ever become something without giving up on it. I mean think about it when you’re pushing me they go for the gold, but when you don 't push them, let them go on there own then they will just fail and become nothing in life, and not having the courage to really achieve anything in life and go for it.” (Are Adults Hurting Young Children by Pushing Them to Achieve?) I agree with both of these statements.
Children like to have to find things out on their own, but the parents want to tell them what not to do and what to do so because they have already experienced those things out the hard way. Whether it’s with school, social events, or even personal experiments. The parents are always looking out for their children, some more than others. For example, some parents will allow their children to go out whenever they want,
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If we get interested in a sport, or activity let us try it out. We might not like it, or we will. It just doesn’t seem very fair that parents will go and put us in everything, where we have no time for a childhood, much like Kevin. The Overscheduled Child: Avoiding the Hyper-Parenting Trap, believes that enrolling children in too many activities is a nationwide problem. Children are under a lot of pressure by their parents to be the best they can be or be involved in the best activities so that later in life, they will have a better childhood filled with joy and great memories. In some cases, that is correct, but only if the child wants to do all those activities. Only the child can decide on what makes them
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