Exploring the Reasons Behind College Choice

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Why do people choose a college? People ask themselves this question all the time. They wonder if college is something they need or don’t need. People think college won’t help them in the future, but in the long run it will. College helps people in many ways though. Some ways college can help us now in days is to get better jobs, extra money and getting the experience of seeing what college is like. As I researched on college and why people try to go. It was interesting to understand all there is now in days to learn when you’re there. College isn’t always a harmful idea to think about going into either. People think its easier now in days to just get a job and live a little. College at least would give you an idea of your talents and strengths in life at least. Hopefully, throughout the rest of my research I find out some additional reasons why people choose a college. …show more content…

College helps you find your strong points that will help you find your interests in life. There are plenty of job opportunities these days. By choosing a career you’re interested in will help you extremely. Even if people are worried college will be difficult, it isn’t that harmful at first. There are plenty of jobs without college as well. An example on some jobs are a plumber and private detectives. By going to college though you have less a chance of losing your future job. There are plenty of jobs that you can get to the college experience as well. Some examples from 100 best jobs would be a Dentist and Physician assistant. Furthermore, people start to enjoy college once they realize that they need more in life than a boring job that they hate. By going at least you 're trying to get something better than what you have now. For me by going to college I am going to get experience and find all the things I am talented in or interested

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