Importance Of College Education Essay

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Importance of College Education Education offers intellectual and economic value to the society. It also contributes the creativity, imagination and interest in knowledge. It provides more opportunities for well paid jobs and establishes a good economic security. College education helps students for sharing their experiences and ideas, it makes students to become a better members of the society by teaching ethics, morals and society responsibilities. I believe that the higher education is an extremely valuable. First and foremost, College education offers high financial value. Students who attend the university and studying for at least four year bachelor’s degree gets more money than students who never get the university degree. Author Shamokon Dam in the article “The Value of Higher Education” mentions that students who earned bachelor degree gets an average of $20,748 more per year than the individual without degree. Throughout the lifetime, Students holding bachelor degree earn an average of $2.1 million. High school students earn an average of $1.2 million in their lifetime. These facts shows that how the higher education is valuable. It provides the financial security. Students will have a successful career. With the ever increasing new technology, job seekers demand for the highly skilled person. Higher education provides the student with many opportunities to excel in their skills. It also provides the opportunity for learning many different things like math, science, literature, history etc.., so that students can discover which one interest them. Graduates students will be more intelligent than the high school students. Dam states that Intelligent Quotient for graduate students is 115 where the high school students I... ... middle of paper ... .... People who got the chance to go to college will have higher likelihood of getting resources to turn out to be an engaged and productive citizens. Some people claim that higher education is not important because it is very expensive. It is hard for many families to afford the cost of tuition fees. But this is not a valid reason. They have the scholarship option to pay for tuition fees. Amount of money that college students will make after graduation is much higher than the amount of money those who do not attend will make, so if someone can make sacrifices in order to pay for college then when they have a career someday they will make it all back plus more. I believe that students should carry out the higher education because they have an opportunity to accomplish their dreams, leading a happier and fun filled life. The benefits of college education is endless.
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