Why Did The Beatles Changed The Band In History

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The Beatles were the biggest influential band in History. No other band has influenced the music culture the way that the beatles has. From being young musicians, they have achieved more than “five slots on the Billboard Singles charts” which sold more than a billion records. By 2000’s more than 35 countries, had a compilation of the Beatles Number One hit songs on their best-selling albums. Achieving many achievements, the Beatles continue to change the face of all music. How the Beatles got together, was during July 6, 1957 when John Lennon, a bandleader of the Quarry met with Paul McCartney through mutual friends. From then on, John Lennon was impressed by McCartney ability to play and tune a guitar, which lead him to ask McCartney to …show more content…

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  • Explains that the beatles were the biggest influential band in history. no other band has influenced the music culture as much as the beatles.
  • Explains how the beatles got together during july 6, 1957 when john lennon, a bandleader of the quarry, met with paul mccartney through mutual friends.
  • Explains that the beatles were influenced by many artists, such as chuck berry, buddy holly, carl perkins, and much more. each record they produced became a shock, as it sounded like nothing else.
  • Explains that the beatles had a tough time in europe, as nearly every label rejected the group by george martin. martin signed them to emi’s parlophone subsidiary.
  • Describes how the beatles changed america by appearing on the ed sullivan show, which led them to be the highest rated show in television history. they were held the first five places in the billboard hot 100.
  • Explains that the beatles produced "sgt. pepper's lonely heart club band" by giving up on being performers. they decided to take a different direction in producing music.
  • Explains that the beatles spent more time working in the studio with a new experimental atmosphere. mccartney had an idea about how it would be nice to lose their identities.
  • Explains that sgt. pepper's became the number one album of the rs 500, because it was one of a kind and the firsts ever musicians that had an impact in the music industry.
  • Explains that "sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band" was the opening song of the album. the four-track recording allowed for every instrument, voice, or sound that was recorded to be digitally manipulated.

“Sgt.Pepper’s was created because McCartney said “I thought, let’s not be ourselves. Let’s develop alter egos so we don't have to project an image that we know.” With that being said, “Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” was the opening song of the album. The lyrics of the song use a lot of metaphor that states that “Sergeant Pepper” A.K.A the Beatles has returned. This song uses the four-track recording which allows for every instrument, voice, or sound that is recorded to be digitally manipulated. Instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, and vocals were all used in this song. With the four-track recording, it made this song a bit different from many other songs, as the Beatles, arranged the songs to their liking, but also each was designed in order to “trade-off between sound quality and the layered complexity of the songs” In side two, there’s another version of “Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band” where it was reprised. This version was recorded at a different studio compare to the one where they usual record at. Paul states that because of the new surroundings, “all the shapes around the studio, and all those bubbles there and bumps” it made them jump into a new challenge of jamming

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