Cause, Causes And Effects Of Child Obesity

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Do you know that over one-half of all Americans, are overweight or even obese? Obesity is a chronic disorder of having too much blubber and it also show someone weight that is greater than what is measured to be healthy. Obesity could affect anyone from young to old. There are many cause that lead up to obesity for example eat too much, genetics, hormones, the atmosphere, and lack of exercise. There are many special effects of obesity corresponding to obesity for example health problems, hopelessness, eating problems, and even demise. Some results to obesity is watch your weight, prescription drug, workout, and even surgical procedure. Obesity could also be genetics meaning that in runs in families. Child obesity including infants and children…show more content…
They are many lifestyle issues that cause the main providers of child obesity. As for hereditary and hormonal aspects may also play an important a role. Some causes are one size fits all philosophy means that everybody is different, they have different types of metabolism, inherent genetic strengths and weakness and hormonal challenges. Lack of physical activity is where working-out burns the calories and form the muscle, both of them are mainly required for keeping a fit weight. The workout are all type are useful and active but they both are part of a fit lifestyle. Stress are also a cause of child obesity. Stress could also be a major cause and effect. Another cause is lack of sleep, without the right quantity of sleep the body displays sign of bigger stress and backing issue to weight gain. The water intake is also a factor for cause of obesity. Lacking water intake plays a drastically impact on the body ability. The last cause is food choices, it also play important role and is a key factors in weight…show more content…
They are many effect of child obesity. Child obesity can leads to bigger amounts of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart disease, type 2 disease, restless sleep patterns. Child obesity has a number of fundamental aspects of high intake of non-nutritious foods. Some effect of child obesity can be an increased risk of vitamin deficiencies which can lead to bone and joint problems and depression. Child obesity impact an emotional well-being with an increased risk such as schools challenges, unhealthy relationship and high risk activity like drugs or alcohol use. Another effect of child obesity is that it has a potential to lead to earlier puberty in females in which it can contribute to increase rates of depression disorder, rates of alcoholism, rates of adults obesity and rates of reproductive cancers. Effects of child obesity can’t be ignored but it can be encourage that they can be prevented. According to Jones and Fiese article Parent routines, child routines, and family demographics associated with obesity in parents and preschool-aged
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