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Odysseus was very famous for his adventures and events in the Trojan War. He was one of the greatest Greek heroes who fought in the Trojan war. After the war,Odysseus struggled ten years to get home. He ruled Ithaca an island of kingdom. Odysseus had a wife named Penelope both had son named Telemachus. Odysseus was favored by goddess Athena for cunning and intellect. He is also known as Ulysses which is roman for the form of his name. Odysseus was a very genius man and he was also very loved for the things he did for his city and people. He was the most trusted.

Ulysses was such a clever man and had such a good idea at the moment. His idea was so good that they were able to trick the enemies. He had his army build a colossal wooden horse and with that they would seek into the city. The Greeks have been wanting to take revenge for Troy for a very long time then finally the day was there. They sunk into Troy inside the horse's belly and when the city was sleep they decided to get out. They emerged out of the belly opening the city gates allowing for the rest of the army. …show more content…

He didn't want to leave his loved wife and his newborn son behind. So, when the time came he pretended to be crazy. He yoked on a donkey and an ox together on the seashore. The war ended ten years following with Achilles death. Odysseus did not like how the conflict was going on for so long so he decided to have the Trojan war to end it all. After that night everyone was so happy with Odysseus because he ended it

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