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  • Homer

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    thing in his heart and speaks another’ (Homer). He is a person that sees beyond what others do. Things we wouldn’t think of saying he does and makes it so we actually want to read it. This quote means that someone might feel different than what they say. Homer was an imaginative writer because he vividly describes the heroism of Odysseus in The Odyssey, the obstacles that got in his way, the Trojan War from the Iliad, the strategies that took place, and homer was a normal person his life is just like

  • The Iliad by Homer

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    The Iliad by Homer The Iliad, by Homer, tells a part of the tale of the conquest of Troy by the Greeks. In the Greek army there are many prominent figures. These important Greeks have distinct personalities. This paper hopes to demonstrate that certain famous Greeks each get some form of comeuppance based on their respective bad character traits and actions. In essence, this paper will show that justice is served against the Greeks for their actions. It seems appropriate to start with the

  • The Iliad of Homer

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    When analyzing the Greek work the Iliad, Homer procures an idealistic hero with an internal conflict, which questions the values of his society and the Greek Heroic Code. The Greek Heroic Code includes respect, honor, and requirements to procure an exorbitant image. To be considered a Greek hero you must meet the perquisites and fulfill all of the aspects of the code. Achilleus was deemed a hero, he was the strongest and swiftest of the Achieans. Achilleus lived up to all of these aspects until his

  • The Iliad of Homer

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    The Iliad is the quintessential epic. It is full with gods, goddesses, heroes, war, honor, glory, and the like. However, for just short while near the very conclusion Homer avoids all of those epic qualities. The banquet scene in Book XXIV is the most touching, the most “human” scene in the entire poem . In the midst of the dreadful gulf of war and anger there occurs an intimate moment between two men who ironically have much in common below the surface. Priam, old and fragile, makes his way to the

  • Homer & The Odyssey

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    Homer, name traditionally assigned to the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the two major epics of Greek antiquity. Nothing is known of Homer as an individual, and in fact it is a matter of controversy whether a single person can be said to have written both the Iliad and the Odyssey. Linguistic and historical evidence, however, suggests that the poems were composed in the Greek settlements on the west coast of Asia Minor sometime in the 8th century BC. Both epics are written in an elaborate

  • Virgili and Homer

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    The Virgilis Aeneid and the Odyssey are ancient poems. The first thing to keep in mind is that the two epics are written from two opposing points of view: the victorious Greeks (for Homer) and the defeated Trojans (Virgil) who are destined to become united. The Virgilis Aeneid follows a legend of the Aeneas from the impeding last days of Troy to the Aenaes’ Victory. It also reflects on the synthesis of the Trojans and the Latinos to be united. On the other hand, the Odyssey talks of the Greek respected

  • The Iliad of Homer

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    The Iliad of Homer Honor is something men and women have fought for century after century. Even now, thousands of American and British men are fighting in Iraq, near to where the Trojan War was to have taken place. These men fight for the greater good. They fight for those in Iraq who are unable to fight for or otherwise defend themselves. They fight for honor. The characters in the Iliad are motivated by their own form of honor, or arete, known similarly as the Homeric Code. And it is because of

  • Homer, Alaska

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    Where the land ends and the sea begins Homer is the hub of the lower Kenai Peninsula of Alaska, an area incomparably rich in natural wonders and recreational possibilities. The Kenai Peninsula is an Alaska in miniature, a combination of mountain and meadow, coastline and island. The backbone of the peninsula is the Kenai Mountain Range, which separates the rolling hills and salmon streams from the Gulf of Alaska and cradles the 1,000 square mile Harding Icefield, a trackless inland ocean

  • Homers Iliad

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    General Plot Summary of Homer's Iliad The Iliad is a lengthy poem of some 15,693 lines, divided into 24 books (cantos) and has as its theme the anger (menis) of the Greek hero Achilles, the greatest of the heroes to sail to Troy. In the tenth year of the war, Achilles quarrels with the leader of the expedition, Agamemnon, over a slight to Achilles' honor. In his anger, Achilles withdraws from the fighting and wins the aid of Zeus, the king of the gods, to see to it that the war turns against the

  • Homer And Hollywood: The Iliad From Homer To Hollywood

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    From Homer to Hollywood Introduction The Iliad by the infamous poet Homer is a good example of how the Greek’s have helped mould todays version of cinematic storytelling and heroic figures going on an adventure. Written circa 8th century BC it is based in the Bronze age around 1200 BC nine years after the start of the Trojan war. The eighth century BC was a time where Greece started to prosper once more and writers such as Homer transformed the oral tales and myths into poetry which created standard